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What is Secret ?

Secret is an encryption community chat platform, Core technical team comes from global famous Internet company such as Google、Facebook and Microsoft, We are committed to being a great Internet company in the world. We currently support 16 national languages so that anyone can create a community that they can self-govern. The Secret platform provides an innovative model of the Social Community model community, which users can use as a work platform, learning platform, and life platform.


Secret is a free chat software:
When you use Secret, all chats are encrypted end-to-end. Each message is sent with its own security lock and security key, and all information is automatically encrypted end-to-end to ensure all chat messages safe and private.
Secret's call will be also end-to-end encrypted, which means that Secret and third parties can't listen to the call content, end-to-end encrypted chat, transfer files, pictures, videos, the server will not save any chat records of the user, When the client logs in, it will use the local machine to generate a SHA256 value, and encrypt the value through the asymmetric encryption algorithm. The encryption result is uploaded to the server, and the recipient's secret key is obtained when the message is sent. After receiving the data, it is sent to the corresponding receiver. After receiving the data, the receiver decrypts it through its own secret key, thereby realizing data encryption transmission and ensuring the absolute security of the user message. End-end encryption technology, the server can not be cracked, which means that data preservation is worthless.

  • Encrypted chat
  • Image and file encryption
  • Voice and video encryption
  • Do not save chat history

You can quickly establish a group of tens of thousands people, chat and share files with multiple people in the group, and carry out convenient and efficient multi-party communication and dialogue. 100 people group use asymmetric super encryption technology, which sends asymmetric encryption end-to-end. The technology is the same. Each time a user sends a message in the group to encrypt 100 times, it is encrypted and sent to the 100 people through the server pipeline. Then each person uses his own key to decrypt. Because of the performance requirements of the crowd, a message is encrypted 10,000. The second time through the server pipeline encryption and then sent to 10,000 people, the client is more power-hungry, the server performance is affected, more than 100 people can not use asymmetric super encryption, more than 100 people in the crowd ,we will use Telegram code open source million people Multi-directional encryption technology to encrypt data, which ensures data security for millions of people.

  • Ten thousand people chat
  • Share voice
  • Share video
  • Share files

The community has my friends and friends circle (can share life picture and text information), voice sharing, online radio (real-time interaction with the anchor in the micro-community and live zone), short video sharing, online courses (you can share your own experience online), 10,000 people online meetings, video conferences. you can post moments to share your life, experience,give a like on ,share and reward the content posted by your friends.

  • Online course/conference
  • Short video sharing
  • Internet radio
  • article sharing

Based on the crowds and community era, Secret will open to third parties to access a variety of web apps including games, shopping, information and other rich and varied contents, and strive to enhance the user experience in all aspects, providing a big stage for a large number of developers.
1. Mobile platform openning: Access the open platform to allow your app to support sharing, collection and payment;
2.Support user login: Let your website allow to login by using the Secret account;
3.Industry Solutions: Be the third platform of an open platform to provide operational services and industry solutions for enterprise users;
4. IM service: Provide IM services and cooperation to third-party companies.

  • Authorized login
  • Application value sharing
  • Social game sharing
  • Industry Solutions

User-centric design experience

The user-centered UI design style Secret interface maintains consistency and structure, making users feel at ease, embodying clarity, flexibility, and efficiency.


Secret open platform

Access to the Secret open platform, you can also allow your app and web site to use the Secret account to log in.


Create an app

Developers can create mobile apps and H5 apps by filling in the information including app name, app profile, app icon, app download zip address and link address .


Application review

The developer provides application API based on Secret for product development. After the development, the application is submitted for review. The Secret team will review the application information to ensure the application quality.


Go online

After the developer submits the application, the Secret operation team will review it. After the review, the developer can see the application in the Secret application store, and can organize its own users to promote it in Secret.


iOS, Android, Webapp, Mac, Windows

Secret currently supports 16 national languages. It is an end-to-end encrypted chat platform. The server does not save any chat records. Currently, the Secret mobile supports iOS, Android, and the computer supports web app (Web, ChromeFx, Safari), Mac, Widows version.


Secret product image

Below is a screenshot of the Secret product section. Here are some of the features of the product. If you want to learn more, you can download the app.

Value creator enjoys value

Secret provides a rich variety of features and entertainment applications for the community. We encourage value-creating user applications to enjoy value. applications open to third-party developers. developers and community organizers can run their own communities. Along with the expanding community users, The increase in community value is also growing. developers and community sponsors, community members can use the application of the split mode to generate revenue.

  • Content creation platform: Secret is also a content creation platform. Users can enjoy the platform and users' rewards for various creations such as online conferences, video transmission, photo creation, creation of articles, radio stations, and questions. At the same time, the communicator will also receive the reward of communication value.

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  • Game app:The application platform is open to third parties for various types of games through user authorization. Users can play games with revenues and share games with rewards.

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  • Community application:Users can integrate their various application products such as news, online store, and item trading applications into the Secret platform to manage and expand their own users through the community, including managing user relationships and using platforms to reward management users.

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Secret tribal era

Secret is for the community connection, we intend to create a valuable community, re-establish the connection and trust between users, the advancement of technology makes the way of communication between users constantly change, from a specific mass group to a specific The niche group, the era of the Internet makes it easier for everyone to connect, and because it is too easy to be connected without geographical restrictions, the world is back to the "tribal era", but the tribe and the tribe are different from the past, she is open. , can communicate at any time, while a person is not exclusive to a particular tribe, he can be divided into several different tribes at the same time

1. Tribal value exchange

As the advent of the blockchain era has enabled the community to exert unimaginable power, let us redefine and understand the value of the community, and more importantly, the more efficient connection and exchange of values between the tribe and the tribe, forming a highly efficient and effective new operating economy.

2. Tribal economy

The term tribal economy has returned to everyone's view because of the blockchain. We know that the current enthusiasm of the book, such as "Tribal Civilization," is about the conflict of civilizations. In fact, the essence is the conflict between economic interests. Today, we have to name the tribal economy. This is a group of people with common interests, understandings, and values. The phenomenon of group bee, the new trust and value relationship generated by interaction, communication, collaboration, and infection. Emotional association trust built between communities creates a new tribal economy. Because the advent of the blockchain era has enabled the community to exert unimaginable power, let us redefine and understand the value of the community, and more importantly, the more efficient connection and exchange of values between the tribe and the tribe, forming a new operating economy with high efficiency and benefit.

3. Tribal biological development

The tribe is also an organizational form. To maintain the normal operation of this tribal organization, each individual of the tribe can generate value and gain, and it will also perform self-period iteration, the same principle as the biological law, just like the cells in the human body. Similarly, each cell should receive nutrient replenishment, kill a batch of cells, and have new cells to complement, thus ensuring the structural integrity of the tissue.

4. Tribal consensus governance

The tribe is essentially a set of biological ecosystems in a small scope. The tribe itself must have self-growth, self-digestion, self-replication ability, and based on decentralization, the principle of tribal consensus can last for a long time. The community consensus mechanism determines Tribal development cycle.


What users say

I am very grateful to each user for evaluating the use of Secret. If you have any good ideas or suggestions, you can send us an email and let the Secret experience better!

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